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School - Testimonials


Testimonials from Parents and Students


Parent Comments...


All four of my children have attended school since PreK3 at St. Mary's.  The curriculum is great and challenges all of my kids.  The teachers and staff are top notch and give individual care and attention to my kids.  The best part about St. Mary's, to me, is the community.  Having no family in the area, people at St. Mary's have become my family.  Everyone is friendly and non judgemental and "gets" that we are all in the same boat, trying to raise good, respectful and considerate kids.  It's a great feeling knowing my children are around like-minded individuals.

C.W.  on Yelp 1/3/17



"Yes, I would recommend this school to my family and friends because of the authentic Catholic identity in academic and non-academic aspects, dedicated faculty and staff, and strong parental involvement."

- Mother of 6 SMG Children


"I have 3 children at St. Mary School and love the school. The teachers are great and they have always welcomed any conversations I have chosen to initiate regarding the welfare of my kids. They have a great pulse of what is going on with each of their students, and that is not an easy task. I moved to Downers Grove without knowing many people there. My kids love SMG and I have met great parents who have made me feel so welcome in the community. Other schools may frown on bringing younger children along when volunteering for something school related. SMG has always welcomed it, which is great because then my kids gets to know the school, and others get to know my kids!"

Comments from our kids:  "A lot of people are nice.";  "There are lots of friends there."

 - Mother of 3 SMG Children


"What we like most about St. Mary of Gostyn School is how our faith and service to God is intertwined with their every day learning.  Not only is the importance of academics stressed and expectations set high to achieve, but the fundamentals of our faith and how to think of others is also enforced.  We also appreciate that it is expected that our children be responsible, respectful, ethical, hard workers, and thoughtful.  The overall advantage is that we have seen our children evolve into people who are caring, curious, intelligent, and willing to go the extra mile, all helping them become the best they can be.  The family involvement and closeness makes it a wonderful community to spend the most important forming years of academic life."

- Parents of 3 SMG children

Our experience at SMG has been outstanding. As an educator, I was looking for a school that would not only allow my child to thrive academically, but also socially and spiritually. The teachers have challenged him at his level, which is exactly what we were hoping for. They go above and beyond each and every day for all the students, while nurturing them every step of the way. I have never encountered a more efficient and kind office staff, they are truly an integral part of why our school runs so smoothly.St. Mary's has added a part time social worker and a part time math resource teacher this year, which are positions that are not always available at private schools. We continue to have a reading resource teacher as well.  Aside from the top notch academics, the caring and genuine community has really blown us away. Enrolling our child at SMG was the best decision for all of us.


 E.L on Yelp, 1/4/17


Student Comments...

"My life has been powerfully influenced from my education at St.Mary’s, and I feel very prepared to begin my high school career."

- Tessa, 8th grader

"The things I have learned through preparation for Confirmation will help me make well thought out choices throughout my life. Saint Mary of Gostyn has influenced my life and shaped my mind and spirit in numerous ways. I have learned so much both academically and spiritually.  My teachers have imparted their wisdom, humor, knowledge (both academic & spiritual), and kindness into my life."

- Margaret, 8th grader

"Helping others will carry on in my heart throughout my whole life.....Each teacher shows his or her students a lesson that is not something we can find inside of a textbook.  The teachers and staff always take care of us. They truly care about each and every student."

- Madeline, 8th grader

"I think my service has given other people assistance, but best of all it has given me a new way to look at things. I should put others before myself.  The staff at St. Mary’s has taught me many wonderful things outside my basic studies, and has been very influential in my life."

- Maggie, 8th grader


"The staff at Saint Mary’s has taught me many things besides the required classes, such as collaborating in groups, and working very hard.  The middle school teachers are very kind and help me when I need help.....The service projects have given me satisfaction knowing that I am helping others."

- Audrey, 8th grader

"Daily prayer has been a reminder of God’s presence in our everyday activities.  Being a Christian, to me, is so much more than going to Mass. It is more about who you are.....I know that because of the dedication of my teachers, I will be able to take on challenges in high school and beyond.....My service showed me how very simple acts can make a huge difference to so many people."

- Bella, 8th grade

"St. Mary’s teachers, staff and parish have changed me for the better. They show me they care about me, and that they are there for me with open arms.....St. Mary of Gostyn has taught me the importance of doing good deeds for the community and other people."

- Breanne, 8th grader

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