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School - Academics - Homework
With the vast amount of knowledge, concepts, and skills that young people are expected to master, homework is a contributing factor to the learning process. It is designed to supplement, complement, and reinforce classroom teaching and learning. It would be rare not to at least have a reading assignment.

Because students have different learning styles, as a guideline, your child can expect the following homework on a daily basis:
Gr. K-2
15 minutes
3 30 minutes
4 45 minutes
5 60 minutes
6 90 minutes
7 100 minutes
8 120 minutes

Although there is little formal homework in first grade, and generally only Math in second grade, it is expected that spelling words, math home links, and extra practice recommended by the teacher be studied as needed. Our teachers also strongly recommend 15 minutes of silent reading daily when possible.  Oftentimes, the back-to-school adjustments in August may find a child exceeding the suggested limits. If this pattern continues with regularity after the first two weeks of school, please notify the homeroom teacher. While we feel  homework has value, we want the children to have opportunities for family and other non-academic activities.
Although the teachers of students in grades 4-8 do not share a common planning period, they will meet weekly to ensure that the homework guidelines are being adhered to and to also coordinate test dates electronically in order to avoid an excessive amount of assessments on the same day.
Students in the upper grades also have several study halls throughout the week. While assigning homework over weekends, holidays, and vacations is not encouraged, it is sometime
impossible to avoid.  As a boon to families, no homework weekends are designated for the following times:
Christmas holidays
Spring break
Orientation Night will also be a no homework night for students in K-5.



Incomplete, Late and Missing Assignments
In order to insure a student’s steady academic progress, and as part of fostering responsibility, all assigned homework must be completed. If a student receives a demerit as a result of missing or incomplete homework, the form is to be signed and returned to the issuing teacher with the completed homework assignment.
Students are responsible for making up and completing all assigned work and tests given while they are absent.  Students returning after being absent for an EXCUSED reason will be given an additional number of days to make up homework or take missing tests, equal to the number of days they were absent. In case of extended absence (generally longer than three days), the teacher has the discretion to assign an alternate test or form of homework to assure the student’s progress.
In order to receive full credit, work must be handed in on the day it is due. Homework is considered late if not given to the assigning teacher before the beginning of the next class  period that day. Thus, a student who left an assignment in an outside locker during a third period Math class, for example, may retrieve it at the end of that class and turn it in before  the beginning of next class(Reading for example) without any penalty. Afterwards, it is considered late. After Labor Day, such omissions will also result in the issuance of a  Homework/Study Habit form so the parents can be apprised of the situation.
Students absent for UNEXCUSED reasons for ONE DAY ONLY must turn in missing homework and take any missing tests ON THE DAY THE STUDENT RETURNS TO SCHOOL.
For a longer period of any unexcused absence, any homework assigned PRIOR to the absence which is due during the period of absence will be due on the day of the student’s  return to school. Work assigned during the period of absence is due, and any tests given while absent will be given, by the end of the second day after the student returns to school.



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