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School - Academics - Grading Scale
Academic Information
The curriculum stresses achievement within a Catholic community.
The Diocesan curricular guidelines, consistent with the Illinois guidelines, are followed.

Report Cards / Grading Scale

Report Cards are issued four times a year. St. Mary uses the following Diocesan grading scale to measure achievement in grades three to eight.


A+ = 100% B+ = 92-91% C+ = 84-83% D+ = 76-75% F = 69% & below
A = 99-96% B = 90-88% C = 82-79% D = 74-72%  
A - = 95-93% B- = 87-85% C- = 78-77% D- = 71-70%  


Criteria for achievement grades include ability, participation, daily class and home assignments, tests, and other assessment tools. A student also receives an effort grade in subject areas to indicate the teacher's perception of how hard the student is working to achieve his/her potential. In classes that do not meet daily, grades are given in appropriate grade levels and at appropriate intervals. Modified grading is used when circumstances warrant it.


Kindergarten through third grade issue a learning standards-based report card designed by the Diocese to reflect student progress in a manner appropriate at these grades.

Progress Reports

At the midpoint of each trimester, progress reports are issued in grades 1-5 to inform parents of their child's progress. These are to be signed and returned to school the next day. Parents of students in grades 6-8 have access on-line to their child's grades which are updated regularly; progress reports are not issued.

Honor Roll

Next to religious training, academic achievement is the single most important function of our school.  Although each child is singularly blessed by God with individual learning capabilities, it is the job of every teacher to recognize where a student is academically and to see that each child reaches the full measure of his or her potential.
  1. Our Honor Roll acknowledges the academic achievements of our Middle School students and is based on grades earned in Religion, Literature, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.
  2. Gym, Music, Technology and Art will not be included in the calculation. A student will be ineligible for the Honor Roll however, regardless of GPA, unless he receives achievement grades of at least a C in each of these areas.
  3. No student will be eligible for either First or Second Honors if any of his/her grades are less than a C in any of the six major curriculum areas or Spanish, if applicable.  A student with a C- or lower in Spelling or Vocabulary, Gym, Music, Art, and Computer class disqualifies a student from the Honor Roll regardless of GPA.  A grade of D or less in these special subjects disqualifies a student from all honors regardless of GPA.
  4. High Honors is based on an average GPA of 4.0, First Honors is based on a GPA of 3.5-3.99, Second Honors is based on a GPA of 3.05-3.49


In conjunction with diocesan regulations, each student's academic report is issued by the principal, pastor, and parish priests three times a year. 
Conferences are scheduled in early November following the distribution of the first report card.  Parents register online for all of their conferences. Conferences are ten minutes in length and parents may meet with as many teachers as they like.  As a matter of convenience, as well as helping teachers and parents maintain their conference schedule, all sessions will be held in the Gathering Place.  In addition, we will have another opportunity following the completion of second trimester for parents of pre-school and kindergarten students to also meet with their child’s teacher.
While formal conferences are not scheduled for all grades after November, our teachers are available to meet with any family where major concerns and questions arise, be they academic or social.

The parents are encouraged to confer with the teacher more often when the child displays a lack of interest in his work or a change of attitude toward school.  It is important to remember that your child is an individual and the information should not be compared with any other child's report card; this is especially true for children in the same family.  The marks on character traits are highly important for they show how your child is learning to get along with others and his/her development as a responsible individual.




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