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Athletics Staff and Program Philosophy


Welcome to St. Mary of Gostyn Athletics!

The athletic program at St. Mary of Gostyn school is an integral part of the broader educational process.  Athletics offer a positive and meaningful experience that will enhance the growth and development of all young men and women who participate. St. Mary of Gostyn Athletics represent strong evidence of our commitment to providing ample opportunities for student participation and success on and off the courts/playing fields.  While our sports program is competitive, it is also our philosophy to include as many students as is reasonably possible.  Therefore, all of our sports are no-cut sports with A and B teams per grade level.  It is the athletic program’s philosophy to focus on the big picture which includes the school mission and developing good human beings first, closely followed by good athletes.  This is done by instilling life skills such as work ethic, morals, leadership and other characteristics that student-athletes can carry with them throughout their lives.  St. Mary of Gostyn student-athletes always put the team ahead of their own individual needs.  In parallel with these important life skills, we strive to push our athletes to perform at their absolute best all the time which leads to a sound formula for success in life and on the courts/playing fields. Passion and commitment of our student-athletes, coaches, sport coordinators, administrators and all Athletic Committee members is paramount to driving a culture within our program of selflessness, teamwork and a general feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Athletics Staff:
Athletic Director
Mike Nolan (630) 881-3662
Assoc. Athletic Director  Mike Budzynski (630) 863-9878 
Assoc. Athletic Director  Mike Farrell  (312) 848-1400  
Assoc. Athletic Director  Lorri Stapleton
(630) 639-2227
Assoc. Athletic Director  Kelly Budnik
(630) 205-9365
Athletics Treasurer
Chris Fruy
(773) 592-6175
Basketball Coordinator
Katie Jermak
(630) 208-7162
 Assoc. Basketball Coordinators

Keith Brown

Mike Parney

(303) 775-1324
(630) 248-8197
Cheerleading Coordinator
Erika Rohrich
(773) 678-2518
Concessions Coordinator
Tim Majchrowicz
(630) 841-0064
Cross Country Coordinator
Julie Fulton
(630) 452-8993
Volleyball Coordinators

Jeff Bukovsky

Frank Panatera

(630) 715-2258

(630) 675-0652

Uniforms Coordinator
Dawn Mostacci
(630) 247-1450
Athletic Boosters Lead
Rob Albian
(630) 852-9705
Communications Coordinator
Ann Pancotto (630) 479-4393
Facilities and Equipment   Ed Bohan (630) 927-1327 
Gym Monitor Lead
Rick Jeschke
(630) 215-7976
Gym Operations Manager
Al Rodenbostel
(630) 640-6340


Athletic Board Quarterly Meeting Minutes

September 2016

January 2016

October 2015

March 2015

December 2014

September 2014


The Athletic Program is for the exclusive use of St. Mary School students.  Participation in the program is optional to the students, but participants must abide by the Athletic Policy, and most importantly, must meet academic eligibility requirements as determined by the school administration and as outlined in the SMG Student Handbook.  All students must receive and submit a sports physical before participating.

Interscholastic Sports
An Interscholastic Sports Program that allows for competitive sports activities between St. Mary School and other parochial schools is offered. This includes basketball, cross-country, and volleyball. Students are permitted to participate in one competitive sport each season: fall & winter except they may participate in cross-country and volleyball in the same season. 


Fall Sports

Cross Country season begins in August and concludes in mid-October.
Volleyball season begins in August and concludes in early November.

Winter Sports

Basketball season begins in late October and concludes in early/mid March.
Cheerleading begins in late September and concludes in late February. This program has existed at St. Mary's for over 20 yrs. and is a non-competitive activity according to our policy.


All students in grades 5 thru 8 are eligible to participate in cross country, volleyball, and basketball.

Girls in grades 6 thru 8 are eligible to participate in cheerleading.

Interscholastic policies and procedures covering sports activities are in accordance with the Athletic Policy.  The rules and procedures are determined by the Athletic Director and Sports Coordinators subject to the review of the School Principal.              




It is the goal of St. Mary of Gostyn School to provide students an opportunity to participate in interscholastic sports.  As such, it is the philosophy of the Athletic Program to offer a variety of sports programs to allow as large a number of student athletes as possible the opportunity to participate.  To facilitate the implementation of this philosophy it is the policy of St. Mary of Gostyn School that student athletes participate in only one competitive interscholastic sport per season except they may participate in cross-country and volleyball at the same time.

It is expected that when a student chooses to participate in a team sport that he/she will fully honor his/her commitment to that team.  It is expected that the student be at practices as well as competitive events.  Participating in more than one sport in a season puts this commitment in jeopardy.   In addition, the sport program at St. Mary of Gostyn functions within a Catholic, academic setting and while providing an athletic program for our students is important, our primary focus as an educational institution is the spiritual, educational, and intellectual development of the students.

The Joliet Diocese provides a guideline of no more than four regularly scheduled athletic gatherings per week for students.  These limits are suggested for the academic benefit of all students and participation in more than one competitive sport would exceed these guidelines.  Because of these various considerations, the administration of St. Mary of Gostyn has limited student participation in competitive interscholastic sports to one per season except for cross-country and volleyball.  St. Mary of Gostyn School supports the League rules for athlete playing time in each sport.  

A nominal fee is charged to the participants to help defray cost of equipment, league and referee fees, and administrative fees.  All fees must be paid before team activities begin.  Forms, including registration guidelines, are provided by the school in advance of all sports.


SMG Athletics Handbook 


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